Disadvantages of Friends with Benefits

Hey, note. This blog content is not against with anyone who's on same situation. This article is for those who themselves find it appropriate on their situation but feel free to write your comments and reactions.

What are disadvantage of having a 'sex buddy' or that friend you found great at bed? I am not the right person you are looking for. I, myself, did not encounter this situation but I would like to share my thoughts about it.

I have a friend, no a best friend that I considered 'the life of my weekend'. She's adorable. We always have little out-of-town every Saturdays and Sundays. We shared the same mind, the same thoughts, had the same way of thinking and I almost shared all the things happened in my life, from smallest to biggest, and she shared the same things. But what I'd found out was more of what I could imagine she was capable of. Since we're best friends, I already gave her some advises, great advises. At the end, she found falling for the guy.

She was great in our college class before but she was bullied by some of my colleague. She was that friend that maybe all of us need to heal, a friend for real. But I stated "was" because she have changed the last time I check her.

[Disadvantages of friends with benefits]

1. They are friends before. I hooked up with some high school friends and let him be friends with my college bestfriend for me to set a big circle of friends. They become friends, then close friends, then special friends. I have nothing against it until I found out that they're having some immature actions. The girl and the guy thinks I will not understand it, so they hide their little secrets. Hugmates, is what I called them. They become separated to me. I was jealous because I thought we are 3bestfriends. I never had an idea that there is more to that, that everytime I was out of the house, they're hugging each other. Pew! Nothing wrong with that, except if you find it unappropriate because you are "bestfriends". Being on this relationship only can put you on lot of thinking "what if others find out?" "Should I tell it to my friends? My family?"

2. Most of the times, girls are the one who's falling first. Because you are giving the guy the idea that its okay for you both to have intimate connection, you're also giving them impressions that its oksy to go beyond the limit. You will not be on 'foreplay' forever. You're job is the only job without promotion, but on your friends-with-benefit days, hugging will become intimate hugging. Kiss on the cheeks will become like-doing-a-body-shot-when-you-are-too-drunk. You will become comportable sleeping in the same bed. Afterwards, you will find it fantastic to have sex with your bestfriend.

3. Maybe the guy is a superhero and he can save all the sperms from pinning on your eggs, but the worst part is what if the guy is not a superhero? Most of the teens are being manipulated by the people around them. That having sex with someone you just know for a short time (in other words, your 'friend') is okay that's why lot of our teens are engaged to early pregnancy.

4. Like other relationship, the time will come that you no longer excites him. This is not forever. Maybe you can put it on the next level, or just end it even without notice.

5. You are not in relationship, just sex buddies. Do you deserve to be called a "sex partner" that he can't even say I love you on his meaniest approach? Yap, you are important, but not important just like those gkrls he used to loved.

6. Why settle for less if you deserve more? You are a woman. The braviest human kind. You can lean on your own shoulders without help of any guy. You are greater than what you think you are. Think over your standard. You don't deserve to be treated any less. If you found your sex partner somewhere, there're surely guy out there whos more willing to offer you his soul than body, his energy and time without having condition of you giving something in return. You mighrt not found him yet, but you still have almost fine 20 years of your life to wait for someone who can bring you in the great religion's altar. Its up to you.