Boracay Island, Aklan Trip

Olah! Hello, let me tell you I'm kinda excited telling my story when I went to Boracay Island. Its the first time to a fantastic getaway and my first time to ride on an airplane. This is the story that's worth sharing for.

The night before the trip:
I'm not excited. Actually, I'm kinda emotionally depressed a night before the trip. I just went from tiring night shift work, abandoned by my old workmates and broken hearted. Hmmm, I don't know. I can't just feel the ambiance of going to some place I really wanted before. Here it comes, but you're not perfectly in the mood. Ironic.

Long day trip:
Together with my new travel buddies, Anne and Wilson, we should meet at Ayala Technohub by 5:30AM. Our flight is at 8:45 and should be checked in 2 hours before the scheduled time.Anne with her parents for a discounted ride (we just paid P100 for the van ride from Technohub-NAIA-Technohub). We were on NAIA Terminal 3 by 7AM and check in (if you want to be on window side of the airplane, request it to the receptionist for reservation. This is for early birds only)
Our boarding pass

After checking in, we had the breakfast at Kenny Rogers at NAIA T3 and ordered some fancy foods.

Big breakfast at Kenny Rogers for P175 good for 2.

And my favorite Caesar's Salad For P130 (P90 solo and P40 blue lemonade)

Selfie :D

After 1 hour of window shopping and picture taking. We finally set our feet for a bus ride from NAIA check in to the airplane, and finally my first step to the plane. Nothing special but I can feel the thrill. There were lots of 'what ifs' in my mind but this is just a step closer from my dream.
Window side seat 20A

From land to air, I can feel the pressure. Maybe I'm excited too but I'm still thinking of the past night sadness and hopping to cope and enjoy the place. Its amazing to see house and mountains which just like grasses and dirt. I feel like jumping off the plane :)

Amazing view in almost 50-100 miles above

After the touch down, we rode from Kalibo International Airport to Katiclan tru bus, then Katiclan to Boracay Island tru boat, a van ride from Bocaray boat terminal to our resort 
Southwest Rate:
(P520 Kalibo-Catiklan-Boracay-Resort including terminal and environmental fee)
(P425 Resort-Boracay-Catklan-Kalibo plus P150 terminal fee)

Selfie :D

Small island on the way to Boracay Island

Southwest passengers' boat up to 40 pax

Van from boat terminal to our resort (Wilson, Anne, the author)

Welcome to La Carmela de Boracay Resort

La Carmela de Boracay Resort is located at Station 2 boracay and a 30 minutes walk from Station 1. The facility was great and according to my travel buddy, one of the stock holder is Boy Abunda. Actually, he had a big advertisement picture in other front bay of the hotel. We had lunch (paid by our great guy, Wilson) at Mang Inasal because Boracay have a lot of popular fast food chains at the heart of the market. Wilson promised us a lobster but we failed to buy one because of its prices.

Lobster is weighted as a whole dish (P1500 per kilo)

At 3PM, we started the long walk to Boracay Island. From different malls to different stations and restaurants, and we started sun bathing and talking pictures. I just love everything in Boracay specially the pure and fine white sand, the color of the sky and blue-green-shaded beach.
Touch down to the island

the sky color at late afternoon

We also wrote our names at the sand, and now we belong to the sand of fame (I hope the sea will never erase it)

While walking to different places and stations to find fancy restaurants for our dinner, luckily we were found by this pretty lady who offer a free buffet dinner at Astoria Boracay. Yeeeah, its a fancy resort and only luxury people will afford staying in this place. Astoria is located at Station 1 and they have per night basis but also offering lifetime luxury travel for just P150,000. And to fit to this type of facility, I put on my beach 2-piece but because I am conservative, I decided to add some long sleeve black blouse showing off some skin with some beach-themed bag made by my sister, and sand-inspired slippers.

ME :)

Then after the dinner to Astoria, we started coping up in Bora's night life, which is really fantastic and the one I really missed. I didn't brought my camera but there was this place, I think the name of the restaurant was Tribal Restaurant and the place really had a great night ambiance, urrgggg.. you will surely love it.

After that night, we stayed on our resort, have a friendly drinks at La Carmela and sleep to enjoy the next morning. Next morning came and our mission was to land on the famous 'Willis Rock' and taste Jonah's restaurant's famous shakes. After the almost 45minutes walk, we just right into the place but its quite gloomy and cloudy.

Willis rock's pictures
Night life Bora

Loneliness on great island

Unsinkable ship


Solid rock formation

Jonah's restaurant and we ordered Banana Peanut Shake

and personalize Egg-tap Pizza

We leave the island at 1:30PM and went back to Kalibo because our flight for the next day was 8AM. Back to Kalibo, we arrived in the city at 5PM and look for something to eat. He had the reservation at one of the city's Inn and easily fall asleep at 7PM.