I wrote this poem when someone challenged me to make a poem for him with words that mostly describe the person, and I come up with this great story poem. This was created on August 2013. This sort of arts were created for some reason, some special people and some special feeling that I had live in the past. Yeah, it gave me a heartache but OBRAS, regardless of its reason of creation, are still masterpieces that I will never regret sharing.

******************** BLOCK BUDDY ********************

Simple and dedicated, my work seems so easy
Call center as my first job, days pass perfectly

On and after the call, I keep myself awake
I'm a loner, possibly because I work for my own sake

God! Then one day a guy tried to knock me
by his moves, I woke up unintentionally

A guy who like to smile and put it in your face all day
the guy who made me smile, never let my day feels gray

Humble he is all the hour, but he never let us see
his feelings for a situation, he just smile and always glee

Love or hate him, he doesn't care at all
what's important is his eyes, which he doesn't want to fall

Right, I am truly bowed to him and he is fragile
I will keep him as my friend, a friend for real

And as the days goes by, I know we will torn apart
Dear EARL, never forget me for I will forget you not

Earl, know you have the heart and looks, but don't think I'm your fan
Cos all what we have here are just jokes and just for fun


to know the trick, read each initial letter of the beginning word inverted vertical.