Taco Bell Review

Taco Bell Trinoma

We are really that urge of tasting different foods from different restaurants and fastfoods, but we have different taste buds as well, and this review only lies on the tips of my tongue.

Last two months (when we were still together) me and my ex-boyfriend went on mall for shopping. Because we had that after the shift, we were surely hungry by that time. On of our ex-coagent, "Kiko" was worked in Taco Bell and recommended to taste one of their specialty, Burito. And because we trust our buddy out there, we tried our first shot at Taco Bell Trinoma.

Place. Check, just like a simple fast food resto with a lot of people and everybody is busy. We ordered at the counter almost all of new in our eyes and they gave us two large softdrinks containers (self-service) 15 minutes, 25 minutes passed and I was that really angry when I approach the lady crew "paki-update nung order namin, lagpas na 15 minutes)

Because the ambiance is not that memorable, I forgot the food we ordered. What totally sinked in my mind when I wrote this article is this three food I'll never forget.

Rice Meal veggie with fries. After eating this, I came out of my mind, other country specialties were different from each other. Mexican food is half way like Filipinos but they don't have taste. Rice with some-kinda corned pork and tomato slice don't matter at all. Side-dish vegetables were like the same, no taste nor after-taste. Fries was great, and the ketchup.

Quesadilla. Pizza-liked meat wrap in thick pizza bread and fold in two. Don't bother me, but I am really disappointed with this one. We spent almost 500 for the food that really stop us from tasting Mexicans food (I think it still depends on how they cooked it). Imagine no-taste-meat wrapped in butter-roll bread and added with some ketchup-mayo-spicy-sauce with tomato-like taste and the whole thing was mixed with a strong taste of plastic and paper.

Taco and Special Burito. Taco, as seen in internet and ads, are really mouth watering, but not with Taco Bell's. Their Taco were quite dry and the chip is not cranky anymore. I hate the buritos, that is fair-like the Quesadilla. No taste at all (but I tasted one from different resto is it taste good)

Again, this is just a review and it all matters in our taste buds, but my partner as well don't like the taste. But the fact that we were far way different from other nationality's tastes, we were absolutely understand if some will like coming back again and again to Taco Bell, and anyway, they have a lot of costumers.

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