Blogger Update

Hi beautiful people of the earth,

I'm currently working with my current Short Story "Diary of Deceased-mind" and editing all the blog posts for April up to date. Also, I'm thinking of changing the blogger theme to more eye-cleansing and simple-black-and-white so that any Internet connection can open the page. Continue following the blog for future updates.

Anyone is welcome to create and pass their own blog entry with "by-line" Simply, submit your entries to with the following information in the message box: (SUBJECT: Blog entry)

*Full name (indicate if you wanted to include your full name in the entry; if not, include your nickname)

*location (not the complete address, just the city)

*contact numbers/information

*Date creation of article

*please include pictures and related websites inside your MS Word (if applicable)

*genre (poem, personal, travel, food, etc)

**make sure the article is originally made by you. If for news or featured-articles, please indicate resources

**sources links (images, websites, name of person for quotation, etc to avoid plagiarism)

**should be written in ENGLISH ONLY


Please indicate quote-and-quote ("") if the sentences/words are quoted by a person. Please use Microsoft Word 2003 for easy access, strictly no other format. I'll notify you when and if your entry will be on the blog.
Common turnaround time is one week, give me some time for the editing. I will still consult specialists.

All entries are welcome :) I'll wait for your articles!

* required information
** most important, please give attention