Zarks Burgers Eastwood Review

Me and my sister planned to have a date since she graduated and passed Polytechnic University of the Philippines Entrance Exam. We chose Zarks in Eastwood since this is not my first time (first time is with my boyfriend) and my work is just two ride-away from Eastwood.

We ordered their owned-recipe burger, the Zarks ultimate burger. The price is quite not expensive (which is P145 for single purchase, add P30 for fries and Ice tea) if you are really into finding best burgers; and we also have Burger from Hell (P145 for single purchase, add P30 for fries and Ice tea) which is for spice lovers. The whole thing is awesome. Taste is different from other burger shop and they have this "a whole plate burgers" that can put you into mouth-watering moment.

Prices are from P145 (exclusive of fries and Ice tea) to P550.

When we were in the middle of enjoying the food, group of call center agents ordered Jaw Breaker burger (P275 for single purchase, add P30 for fries and Ice tea) and take the challenge to eat the whole thing in just 5 minutes, and if they do so, the meal is free. Unfortunately, they failed to do so since the serving was for a real hungry man.

You can choose from burgers to rice meal and tacos since they offer not just burgers. If you are interested, go to Eastwood Plaza, turn to the City Walk Two (walk of fame), and Zarks Burgers is beside e-commerce building. The store landmark is their red umbrellas.

My sister's order, Zarks Ultimate Burger

She's happy since this were our first time together

Wondering how to eat this?
Actually, she ate the whole thing and wanting for more

My order, Burger from Hell