Call center 105: He is amazing

Friendship that grew into matured love and honesty
He, who's so childish, bloomed with maturity
They never become aware that they will both fall
He love her unconditionally and let her stand tall

He was really amazing by the time he said..
he loved her for whatever plan she have in head
The unmeasurable efforts that he had in line
Assure her to stay for a long period of time

But circumstance never become that easy
He was different before but he showed his sincerity
He was tested by time, waiting and faith
He never leave and stayed by her side and wait

And by the time she feels so sad about other
No one cares, no one makes her feel better
He was there to comfort and give shoulders to lean
He just listen, never advised, never become mean

And as the time goes by, everybody is in love
For her, he is what she was really have
She found herself really fall by somewhat reason brought
And she really love him, he just never thought

They become close, true friends and unseparable
Even sometimes their relationship becomes miserable
love for each other made them smile and laugh
that's just a common thing if you love your other half

But everything have fallen into pieces when she discovered
Challenge will always be there, he never leave the day over
Unconditionally, he loved him more than each day
He never leave her, he forever stay

He is really amazing for he struggle for pain
Even there's no hope, he just waited in vain
He fought for what he really love even if it hurts
What he did every decision is think of what she feel first

By the time the time become perfect and right
He will not struggle for more, no need to fight
The man waiting for a long time will see what he's looking for
Coz the girl he love already love him even more