Call Center 104: Midnight Road Trip

The day passed so natural,
nothing special.. gone to work..
do my daily routine, do the paper chines,
hang up on the phone
listen to your boss, get some cup of coffee..
and there it goes the next morning.

But whenever I'm going home,
its totally different. I feel so secure,
unrush and special. I rode on 
the special vehicle, like Cinderella in her
Princess cart. My favorite old music plays in the radio
and it was soft and unharm and lovely.
Every lyrics stands a line in your life,
and it will made you fall in love
and forget the uneasy morning breeze.

The dim of the soft street lights
dancing in the midway. No one cares,
no body stares to them but you,
like you were starring to the love of your life.
The smell of airconditioner brought
to you by the natural cold air temperature
and all you have to do is smile.
And all the past will go back.
The love of your life, the pain
and the happiness. All will collide
and its like you're doing the same old poems again.

The trees with amazing dim lights. Their smell
and the coordination  on how they mixed
with the amazing bright moon.
The music that playing in your track.
The hug and kisses you made with someone.
The river flows and their sounds.
Everything goes perfect.
The skin-to-skin touch, each hair
made a struggle-strands. Each smell of the breathe,
represents a love. The walk to remember
while holding hands.
The tipsy kiss, the shoulder-carriage,
the same food shared together, the fountain,
and everything brought back..
and I missed him so much