California Telemarketing Inc.: Personal Review

I graduated last May 2013 and a graduate student with pride for her university and family will absolutely find a job to decrease unemployment rate on the Philippines :)

California Telemarketing Inc (currently Collective Solution), residing at Nilson Building Diliman Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City, my first job and company. During my time, they were celebrating 11years of excellency.  This blog post doesn't want to rude any companies reputation but to inform readers about what I experienced during my term.

Financially depressed?
If you were finding a job that may suffice your financial issues, this company may not be the one for you. The compensation and benefit, and also the salary depends on the weigh of your job experience, or if they have any category for that. I don't have any right on explaining my salary before, for further assistance, contact the right department that may help you.

Like to be at your very SELF?
I think you just landed on the right company. Even though the salary disappoints me, I still managed to stay because of the environment on the company. From Operational Managers, Team leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Floor Walkers to co-agent, all will provide you the ambiance of like being in your old favorite school or high school days.

Fresh Grad?
Definitely, you are welcome here. They give chances for fresh graduates and even those who were in high school level. But I love with this company is, they see their agents all in same level.

Health Benefit?
Yes, the company offers premium for employees health benefit but I never experienced them. I am only a contractual agent and termed my contact after 6months but they offer health cards for those who were at the company after regularization (six months contractual, six months probationary plus regularization applicable for RPM and other related accounts; and six months probationary plus regularization applicable for VMBC and other alike accounts)

You were still welcome but make sure that you better take care of your little baby there. If you're thinking about keeping it as a secret, you should not and probably will not coz the medical examination will detect that little awesome nutrients-eater.

Single mom/dad?
UHUH? Most of my team and batch mates were single mom and dad and they were really good listener.

Don't worry, try to apply. The account (especially RPM accounts) are easy to understand. Just make sure that you are following the company and account's rule and regulation.

If you are that job dedicated, well congrats.. They might give you extensions and you might be on promotions. I have a team leader that started to be a collection agent for one year, applied to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME), get the job for 6months and were now a team leader for six months.

Finding company near your home?
CTI is just right to everybody's home. If you are residing near Quezon City, Caloocan North, Novaliches or any place near North side, this will give you a big saving for transportation. During my time, I only spending P50 back and forth.

Worrying about canteen services?
You should be. I don't like the service in the canteen so I recommend you to buy or make your own lunch. Anyways, there were lot of fast food chains in the place, and a mall (Ever Gotesco mall)

Want to be physically fit and visit a park?
You may. CTI is just one ride away from Quezon City Memorial Circle and Wild life wherein you can enjoy amenities. 

Sport-minded? Talented?
I experienced joining cheering and chess tournament during the CTI Sportfest and they doing this every year.

Information Update last September 2014
All new update for the company will be available in the company