Actitud Salon: Service Review

It was last August 2013 when I got a new no-more-bad-hair-days makeover for my hair from some infamous salon. Due to unacceptable service, my no-more-bad-hair-days become frizzy-threadlike-frustrating-hair-days. Finally, after almost nine months, I browsed on some online advertisement about hair solutions and promo salons and, all I thought, at last I finally found the right salon that can give me and my hair a new life.

Currently this month and year, March14 to be exact, after ordering a voucher from a trusted online deal, printed and presented the voucher to Actitud Salon, residing at #611 Boni Avenue Plainview Mandaluyong, I knew that this could be my day.

But before giving you my acknowledgement for that salon, let me just briefly explain about the deal on the advertisement.

Have a beautifully straight and healthy hair with Hair Rebonding, Cellophane & Keratin Treatment 
     - as far as I know, they really enchant and experiment with my hair with different hair chemicals.
Enjoy a wonderful hair rebonding treatment for your hair, making them even alive, straight and sleek 
     - often times, excitement really break us down and this what happened to me.
Ultimate salvation for tangled-up, stressed-out, and chemically damaged hair  
     - tangled-up, check. Stressed-out, check. chemically damaged hair, check. I got all the ultimate salvation, what-the-ef
Bask in the glory of the attention and care of well-trained attendants who look after your comfort and satisfaction 
     - uh uh uh, for your information, THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS!!
Get Silky Straight Hair with Hair Rebonding, Cellophane & KeratinTreatment at Actitud Salon for P699 instead of P3000 77%OFF 
     - not a silky hair, and I think this is what really happens in real life, advertisement will ruin your life. Those Php3000 were really not cost you P3000 because the highest service that they offer is Loreal Rebonding plus hair color that could cost you P2999.99

And here's what happened. I made a reservation at 10AM, there at near 10 and they started making up stories that were not in the deal.

"your hair was really damaged and we need to use Matrix Rebonding for great salvation. This cost you another 800php"
     - DARN IT! I hate those crews. I keep on saying they should also informed the costumer that there will be an additional charge for those who have a super tangled hair, and anyways, what is the cost Php3000 doing when they will only use commercial rebonding cream and not those were branded? I think the real cost of the service is just P799.99 and for sure, you really not save 77%

"we will let you sign a waiver that anything that will happened in your hair, our salon has no more hold about that because you chose this service"
     - I signed them but with my different signature. I just don't love the salon. It was like I was just in the salon next to our barangay. I spent hours after my work shift just to be ruined by those guy-makeovers, I haven't sleep for that irritating hair result.

Another thing that they lack -- COMMITMENT - To encourage myself and push down my frustration, I told one of the crew that I would pay the another P800 if they will put some color on my hair and by also using that Matrix Rebonding on it. They promised me but by the time the crew was applying the chemical, I knew that that was not really from Matrix Treatment. I really hate him for that.

My recommendation:
If you really want to have a satisfying service, make sure that you are looking in a right site, right people and branded or famous  places that offer TESTED SERVICES. It may cost you some far above your preferred amount but it will surely meet the satisfaction that you want to attain.

Updated: March 19, 2014
For picture proof, this post will give an update on next week