Call center 105: Someone's don't love you

I don't speak that much, I am goon, I am boyish
I am not that naive but I assure I am childish
I always think that I am alone and have no friend
on my own feet, for myself, I cannot stand

I tried to be nice and cool to everyone
But it seems that no one cares, I am the only one
I come out with a solution and tried not to speak
For that instance, they think I am freak

I focus myself more on making my parents proud
now watch bitch people, I'm speaking out loud
but everybody stares, every eyes stalk
they are not convinced, I'm still an idiot

I step out of the comfort zone and find myself through
I found myself clinging in a job interview
I made friends, those who can understand me
at least I have one, and he made me happy

We make fun of the others just to please ourselves
without knowing that everything were just out of sense
I tried to be nice, to be the best, to be comedy
I follow what he says, just not to lose our company

I guess, he is pleased, now I have someone to lean
I sent myself and my life just to be his everything
not knowing that he will just used my capability
just to be someone else that he is not used to be

I still make myself believe that everything's fine
then one day I found my hand holding same hand, which mine
the day that I think he already loved me, is just a part
of the illusion I made just to feed my heart

Its some kinda boredom for him to be with some only one
for him having me, don't make him a gorgeous man
I am just like someone who he be with just to make them see
"we are pop, I am famous, cos this girl is in love with me"

Before, this is just a game for lover
both of us enjoying not to fall for each other
then suddenly this day came unattended
I am dancing alone in the song we started