Free Games for Android phones and tablet

     Last April 20, 2013, my dad gave me Android phone as a reward of being CumLaude (but I cannot apply the title due to some reasons about minor subjects) and as a graduation gift.

     My phone internal memory cannot accommodate many games and applications so I find sites which I can adjust the capability of my internal memory to occupy more applications.

     I found sites which cause me delays and problems. Some applications require LOG IN or/and MEMBERSHIP or will not directly install to your phone or storage because of compatibility. Some requires payment for their applications.

     But the site I found last night, made me amazed. All the games I've downloaded were working on my phone and even on my sisters' android phones.

     visit for ABSOLUTELY FREE GAMES and APPLICATIONS to any kind of android phone. And there's more! The size of almost all the games and applications were minimized so that you can download them on your low memory storage.

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