Star Cruises 'the cruises of the stars'

Eight hours of travelling everyday that even a nap is hard to get, this is how my usual working days at my work go; yet nonetheless, I still love my job, TRAVELLING.

Getting into this kind of job is quite harassing but also entertaining. I just need to travel, experience the world, write an article then, viola! Here comes the magazine. Thanks to the greatest and grandest global network of class tourist destination and cruise lines in the Philippine, I was able to do my job well and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest.

If there’s one thing that I really love with my job, it is travelling with some of the top cruise lines in the world. Like the one that I’ve just experienced recently. Through Resorts World Manila, the first integrated resort in the Philippines, I had given the privilege to experience the One-stop cruise with the Star Cruises, which will take its journey to the place I decided to go to, Hongkong.

Star Cruises is the third largest cruise operator in the world that owns a combined fleet of 7 ships and one ship can accommodate 1, 081 passengers. This February up to March 2013, Resorts World Manila will showcase the various properties of the Resorts World brand and Star Cruises fleet to the Philippine-based media by sponsoring a number of a familiarization media tours around the world.

What if I travel myself alone in Hongkong? Imagine what I would look like when I got there. I need a traveler’s guide or a map just to locate myself and just to find different entertainment places and restaurant in the country, but the Star Cruises makes the uncertainty disappear. With this one-stop cruise, I don’t need to cry in the middle of Hongkong just to find where I am.

Star Cruises, as i’ve said before, is a kind of cruise that has all the things any traveler will surely enjoy. They have 7 ships in total, which is named after different zodiac signs. And of course I chose my own zodiac sign to experience, the Star Pisces. These 579 feet by 95 feet mother ship has visiting over 200 destinations and islands in Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Hawaii, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and Mediterranean.

They say, when you are in cruise, you will not able to experience the life as a partygoer but that’s, I think, what the Star Cruise differs from other cruise lines. I’ve enjoyed Star Pisces’ bar and lounge and Karaoke Night Pub which are set differently. I’m dancing like crazy but of course still with class.

I’ve also tasted different Southeast Asia foods by simply dropping by on their 7 restaurants like Mariners Buffet, Taipan and Ocean Palace, which are serving Chinese foods, and Umigawa, a Japanese and Korean dining Resto.

Even the kids surely enjoy the cruises. This also has kid’s playroom, snack bars, mini-golfing and photo house that they will surely like. What I like the most is the luxury shops I enjoy there.

Wait! There’s more! My travel will not be completed if I missed going to the luxury lounge and enjoy the pool or beach. At Star Pisces is more than a pool or beach experience because here is a combination of a pool in a ship while enjoying a beach-like aura. They also have Sauna, Gym, Massage room and reflexology, in short, they all have the facilities to stay fit. Even the Lounges and Suites are very appealing to the eyes. Through its elegant design and colorful cabin, I am like ‘sleeping beauty’ in an affordable ship, which I sometimes think; I don’t want to wake up.

I thought I already enjoyed the full stay but there’s still more. Star Cruise’s Star Pisces offer the most daring entertainment in water world. They have “Galaxy of the Stars” which is the best talent show I’ve seen. They are not just simple performers but first class cabaret entertainers.

          After enjoying my work, which I can say, one of the best trip ever, I went to Forum shop to buy some souvenirs and buy something for myself that may remind me of the whole trip. And I hardly get my feet off the ship after the trip. This is what I can call ‘The true meaning of traveling’ and it will be more inspiring to work if my travel experience will be a lot of this one. As how the ship’s favorite regulation goes; No limitations and have the total freedom to do what makes you happy.

You can also have these affordable and value-for-money packages, just visit their website for more information.