Break ups 101 (Tips on moving on)

Break up for us teenagers, especially on us women, is one of considered nightmares that are next on lot of crying, sleepless nights and day of expectations and desperation  Because women are too emotional and sensitive, they have lot of moving-on days than men who can easily forget the feeling after engaging to many physical activities. Women are deeply affected and have difficult on moving on with their life. The most common questions for those who are experiencing this is, Is there any happiness after break up?

            According to many expects, relationship break ups are just a normal thing and you must consider it. It can happen to anybody; even those who are not in relationship but in mutual understandings are also experiencing this. Because there is no perfect relationship, you must expect that there is no relationship that will always be forever.

Here are the tips that you can use when you are experiencing heartaches. These are based on experience of many who've gave their part in order to overcome the break ups.

  1. Let it bleed
-         If you wanted to cry, cry it all day. Don’t stop yourself from crying. Crying is the best reliever of the problem. You can also cry hard on your favorite pillow or write him/her a letter saying your feelings. By this process, you can pour out your feelings without getting hurt so hard.

  1. always pray
-         If there’s no one there to hear your stories, pray and let God be your listener. Forward all the heartaches that you are feeling and let him know all the details. Open your hopes and wishes to Him and always seek for solutions.

  1. never seek happiness to other people – appreciate your family
-         People who are moving on depends the process on the happiness they can acquired in opposite sex. Most of people are having relationship to other people just to escape the bad feelings, but it can only prolong the process. Don’t seek happiness to other people; appreciate the value of your family. Tell them what you feel because they are the one who can give best and fitted solution to your problems. Make time for them and make every minute worth living.

  1. tell your friends
-         Let your friends know your problems. Tell them what you feel. Tell them that you only need listeners, not advisers. On the process of moving on, always put in your mind that friends are the most effective and amazing people that can make you happy. Tell them what you feel because they can give the right expressions that can make you overcome the situations.

  1. make yourself fit and healthy
-         Manage your shape and don’t let it fall because you feel heartaches. Improve yourself. Stay fit and healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you have plain face, try to apply things that can boost your beauty. Don’t do it for others, do it for yourself.

  1. do your favorites
-         When you are in relationship, there are lots of limitations wherein you can no longer do the things you love. Do it when you are moving on. If you love cooking, cook. If you wanted art, paint your emotions. Don’t let anyone limit you to do the things you love because it can shorten your moving on process. And also, stay away from love songs.

  1. don’t think about it all the time – make yourself busy
-         Engage yourself to many works. If you are a student, let the study matters. If you are in vacation, engage yourself to many traveling and talking to other people. Don’t let yourself feel alone. Think about the things that really matters to you, feel free to do all the things you wanted and don’t depend your moving on process to other people. Even when you are alone, always remember that time will pass fast if you are making time for yourself.

  1. don’t be “bitter” anymore
-         Being angry with your ex will only prolong the process because you are the only one who is extremely affected and will extremely hurt if you stay bitter on your past relationship. Let it flow and don’t let your day ruin for being angry to him. Just always pray to overcome the anger.

  1. never change the topic
-         If your friends wanted to talk about what happened, never change the topic. Let the topic flow until it become a common topic. Don’t pretend you don’t know him or avoid talking about him because it can only delay the recovery process. Let him just become a common topic.

  1. accept the fact that he/she is gone
-         Accepting the fact that he/she is gone is one of the best ways to cope the pain. Even you and your ex becomes friends, don’t expect that things will be the same because it can only give you false hopes. If she/he is trying to come back, give time to think about it. Don’t just be silly doing things that can only make the situation back like at your last break ups. Always remember that you need time for yourself.