Puzzle 101: What was the today?

It was dark and the moon was down and humble
My eyes were hurt and my heart  was vulnerable
And we were talking under the tree of roses
That was before my special day announced

He was calm and righteous but with angry face
Being the girl, I was emotional in one space
Encouraged, he invited me for a walk
I was not but he was, who did the first talk

Right after the tears, he then announced
He comforted me but he was sure of that chance
That day our relationship was on its end
the bad thing was, I am not, anymore, his girlfriend

And as I always reacted on same scene
God knows I loved him more than anything
Yes I told him I cannot let him go
But for him, the memories were fading slowly
It was the worst gift I felt and saw, I cannot glee
"Loving the boy who is not truly in love with me"

-- Another puzzle poem, solve if you can :-)