Grotto Vista Resort: Bulacan's one of the best

Summer is approaching so you should prepare the best thing to do under the sun.
When you are in Quezon City, ride a bus with signage of Sapang Palay and tell the conductor to point you to nearest terminal to Grotto Vista Resort. Make sure to bring all of your family members and friends because this is the place where they can have fun.

There are lots of things Grotto Vista Resort can be proud of. The place has a big landscape and well-designed for kids and for the whole family.

Pools are from 3feet to 6feet in different location.

This pool is small in shape but well-suited for adults for it have 4feet to 6feet height swimming pools. It is surrounded by big rocks formation and has a roof.

This pool is for swimming lessons. The next pool beside it is medium in size and has 2 slides. In the upper deck is the swimming pool which can be rented as private.

Grotto Vista Resort has a lot of private pools that are suited for your whole family.

The kiddy pool is 3feet in height and has a lot of kiddy slides. Grotto Vista Resort also located big and great designs for kids.

The main pool is just located at front side. It is 3feet to 6feet in height and big in size. You can see the big ship with 6 kiddy slides. The slide tower has 6 wonderful and zigzags slides that are for adults.

Grotto Vista Resort has a lot of comfort and shower rooms. It has comfort rooms designed for each pools. There are estimated 10 showers and 2 toile bowl inside each comfort rooms.

Grotto Vista Resort has also lot of grilling area. It is separated from pools but near cottages. It can serve 10-15 people.

When it comes to cottages, visitors have a lot of choices. Nipa Hut cottages are 6x6 in size for only 300. it can accommodate 10-15 people.

Cottages that are orange in color are also 300.

Umbrella cottages can accommodate 5-6 people.

Kids have a lot of time to enjoy at Grotto Vista Resort. They have 3 districts animals, a turtle, a monkey and 2 snakes that your kids may be fun watching of. If they are bored of animal watching, they can go to the nearest play grounds.

Swimming is not just the pleasure in Grotto Vista Resort; you can also go zip lining and rappelling for only 50 pesos. Henna tattoo is also for only P50.

If your money is suited for yourself only feels like you need more, that’s not a problem for Grotto Vista Resort has a lot of stores located at entrance.

If you are worrying about the safety of the place, don’t worry. Grotto Vista Resort has a Tourists Assistance Desk that can be seen in entrance gate. Each pool has lifeguards and there is also an announcer for lost kids and adults.

After having fun to Grotto Vista Resort, don’t forget to buy souvenir items at souvenir shop. Goods here are at the same prized as supermarkets.

Let’s have fun in Grotto Vista Resort, no liquors allowed!