Swimming pool resorts in Montalban Rizal: Tres Marinas

   Rizal was known for its beauty even though the place was surrounded by uncivilized things. One of their attraction was the Wawa Dam which is located at the heart of Rizal in Sitio Wawa in Rodrigue.
          Except from the natural beauty that can be found in Wawa Dam, Rizal has a lot of swimming pool resorts located in just hours from Manila, here are located at San Jose, Rial.
          When you are from Quezon City, you just need to prepare for 2 hours travel to reach San Jose. From commonwealth market or Litex Market, ride a jeep which signage was Montalban Hiway and tell the driver that you are going to San Jose Simbahan. There you will see tricycle terminal and tell him that you are going to swimming pool resorts.
          If you are from Manila, ride the LRT to Santolan Station and ride a jeep to Montalban. From Montalban Hiway, you just need to ride a tricycle to swimming pool resorts in San Jose.

Tres Marinas

Tres Marinas is the resort which has 4 large and medium pools for kids and adults. Entrance fee for Daytime visitors is only Php 50 for adult and Php 30 for children below 3f Daytime swimming will start at 8am up to 5pm.

   Like other pool resorts, Tres Marinas has also Night and overnight swimming. Night swimming fee will start at prices 50 pesos for children below 3ft. and 75 pesos for adults and will start at 6pm to 12 midnight. While overnight swimming will cost 100 for adults and 70 pesos for children below 3ft.

This pool is for adults only which has a slide at the front side

They locate a pool for kids with slide in its side

This is one of their kiddie pools

Cottages are ranging from 150 - 250 pesos good for 50 persons