My newest plans for the future

I already planned my life many years ago but like what changes teach us, plans will adjust after years and years. After many months of thinking of my life again, I come up with one diagram.

          My blog really inspires me. When I’m sad, I just click on it then I’ll be fine. I feel more passionate whenever people greeted my works and appreciate my writings. So I come up the plan which is connected to blogging. I don’t want to be a reporter on television or announcer on radio. I will follow wherever my feet bring me. But as my first choice, I want to work on online media or in print. I don’t like writing on newspaper but I like on some featurize magazine who can share my ideas on my readers. Even though salary on print is not that high, I still want to be one of the online media personalities. I will still continue blogging because I like to inspire people. Except from being on online media, I would also like to teach and inspire people on school. I will write novels and stories that teach life and publish my works. I will still continue my dreams before which is to go to France and have an orphanage or school.

          When it comes to hobby, I will not focus on my work. It is still my interest is important. I will go to many places here in the Philippines and write about these places. I would also continue painting and making comics strip because before it is my hobby. I will take pictures of different areas and by these pictures; I will touch other’s life.

          When I already have much money for my family, I’ll probably built house for them. I will choose batanggas or Laguna. Our house will be renovated for my siblings and their family. At least, we don’t have to rague when it comes to house and lot.

          Before, when I’m seeing cars, I told myself “that was my dream car” but today “I will have that car soon” I will buy my own car and drive all over the Philippines before I visit France.

          I also like to cross Europe and Korea. I want to experience snow. My boyfriend’s sister has a flower farm on Korea; I like to see one of their roses. I will fly to Europe and probably visit my relatives there.

          During my work days, I will visit God. I will still continue my commitment and do my goal. I will finish my quite time and bible studies. Up to now, I still can’t choose the group I will join but one thing I assure, I already accepted God. I will give more time for him and I will worship him more for I know that he is the only one holding my future. It is still Him whom I obey for whatever plan He may have for me.

          When I already have my job, my house and lot and my car, I will visit the people who inspire me, my very close friends and my classmates. I will meet also Mr. Viola, Sir Val and Mr. Nastor. I will greet Mrs. Alarma and Mam Pacheco. They taught me life. They taught me how to be inspired and how to inspire. Then, I will visit my favorite professor Ms. Lailanie Teves, who’s become one of my guardian and second parent. I will thank her for everything she had done for me. I will thank her for being one of the important people in my life.

          Then after the visit, I will make my own family. I will marry a man who’s not that tall, not that fair and not that handsome. The important is, he love me for what I am. We will create new life and new plans together. He should give me home and life that is far from my family living. He should provide the great love. I will be the happy woman in my wedding. I will be happier on birthing my daughter and son. But I will be the happiest woman when he will love me till death.

          Above all these things, it is still God whom I trust. I know he have better plans for me. I just need to work on it to be happy. I will not depend on myself but only to God. My plan of inspiring people will still be my voyage.