Sitio Wawa Rizal, nice place to visit

          The vacation is almost near. Students and workers are too busy looking for a place to visit and where they can feel free from stress and anxiety from almost one year work. And due to vacation is getting near, here is one of the best tourist place fitted for your time, place and budget.
          Sitio Wawa is located at Rizal at its end part baranggay in Rodriguez. Not yet civilized, but the place was being renovated for tourism purpose. According to PAMI, group of tourism experts who was concern in maintaining the place, Wawa will wait for just 4 fours then the place will be one of the wonder of the Philippines.

Why wawa? Why not other places?

          Because Sitio Wawa is located at Rizal, it is easy for travelers from Manila to visit the place. It only takes 2 hours from Quezon City before reaching Rodriguez, Rizal. Transportation is also not a problem. With your one hundred transportation budget plus pocket money, you will able to reach the place.
          Sitio Wawa is free from pollution. The place is surrounded by green trees and 2 big mountains that are maintained by the nature. At its left side is the dam which is safe and clean. Tourists here really love bathing coz of its freezing and pouring water.
          At Wawa, tourists are also permitted to do mountain hiking. At the top of the dam lies the towers wherein many artists are already shoot in the place.
          Residents of Sitio Wawa placed cottage inside the dam I able for visitors to feel the inspiring water pouring from above. There are also rocks all over the place wherein tourists can take pictures and enjoy playing with its big textures.
          You can experience these free swimming, caves, mountain hiking and fresh air with only 2 pesos. When you’re planning to have neared view of the dam falls, you can rent a cottage for only Php150 with no other fee and free comfort room usage.
          People here are all nice. The baranggay officials and PAMI are all nice in guests and visitors. They renovated their place for easily accommodation of the visitors. They also recommended visitors to list their names to log book in order for them to monitor missing people. They also use sweet words like
          “Ingat kayo mam/sis” and “enjoy po kayo!” to remind their visitors to come back and experience Wawa’s beauty.

          Also in Wawa, you don’t need to worry about the food because of many street vendor located at the place. Food like Ihaw, carinderia, fruits, vegetables and many more are available in the place.
          Don’t look for other places, because Philippines have many tourists spot for your family and Sitio Wawa is one of it.