My goals in 2012 vacation

I started my year 2012 with many uncertainties on school projects, family and personal activities. I'd become separated with my daily life and it become hard on my part for I have left many undone works at house. It’s really just amazing that after almost six months of waiting to the end of second semester, finally, I will just need to wait for almost another month. So despite of leaving my vacation to a nonsense day trips and bonding with my boyfriend, I will just continue my hobby and start the undone things I left behind.

My books to be published
(I'll publish the pictures on next post)

          I think it was three months before year 2011 ends, I started dreaming and thinking of books I like to write. This one strike me really hard. I dreamt of it last four months and started to wrote the story right after I woke up. I have just finished the first four chapters. The title is what the story tells about, the book of immortality. It is my first novel written in English. The book contains of three parts and each parts have more or less 15 chapters. The words I used are not that hard to understand but clear and common. I really needed an editor to clear some of grammars, syempre English yon. The story was about a girl and the immortals. I will not give any more details to bring more excitement. Wait for the chapters after vacation and I will surely publishe it in my wordpress account at I will sure to give you update on my facebook account.
          Next is to finish my novel “Time Machine”. Actually I already finished this one but lost the hard copy of the story so I tried to rewrite the whole story. It will take months before totally published but when I finished chapters, I will sure to post them at
The story is about a boy who really likes inventing. He made his biggest inventions that ruined his life right after he met the girl she fell in love with. This one is some kind of a tragic story for it contains big twists at the end part. This story is actually my first short tragic-love story and only two persons have read the whole story before it disappears. Hope to see it again
          Next is to publish my story “Untitled Song”. I have finished it a year ago and I start typing it on computer this first day of February. When I finished this one I will also post it on this blog. It is same as my “I Love My Best friend”. They said this one have portraits a really good story and strong personality. It also have a twist at the end part. I started writing the story last February 21 and finished it on February 26. The story is quite fast but I will add more day-to-day basis to make the story long and not boring. I will revise some grammars and errors and make the story more interesting. These are written in Tagalog so I am sure everyone will love my stories.
          Last one, I like to write my novels “evolution of man” and “middle child syndrome”. I cannot start these stories because I really had a hard time writing English novels. “Evolution of man” is a funny story that contains strict manners and scenes. It is about a boy who is really stupid but enjoyed life before his death. You will take lesson on this one which is actually dedicated to my cousin. “Middle Child Syndrome” is a bout a child who has big problem in her traits and characters because of her ‘no-scientific-explanation-middle-child-syndrome’ this one is really good because it’s a mixture of tragic, Gothic, killer-thriller story that you should really wait. I wish I could start them but I already have the outline of the story.

To write for my blog

          Except from doing my novels, I would also like to write stories and features to this blog. I will also put some pictures and video for you not to be bored. Just wait for my new posts that will be updated on my social networking sites.

To finish the very-important-all-time-novel
          I was challenge by some of my friends to finish the whole stories of bible before the year ends but my goal is to finish the almost half of it on the end of vacation. I should push myself more because it is a commitment that I made to God. As of now, I’m still at numbers but surely I will finish half of it before the vacation ends. God help me J