Moment with him

It is one of a very memorable moment for me. That time, I only assure that it all come back after just a spark. I unintended to do so but it happen with a reason.
          That was Thursday of the same month. I was attached with some of my friends and classmates for school works and projects. It’s been three days when I started to lose seeing the eyes I always stare for whole day.
          It was 7pm when I lifted my phone up to read message. His name did not popped out but the other names I’m shy to chat with. I feel worst and think of break ups. For me, he doesn’t have care at all if I will be home safe. Because I was looking things under my pride, I found no reason to tell him the time of my arrival. I feel prideful when I think of the thought that he will never show his face without my confirmation that we should meet. That supposedly beautiful night become cold and flat. That time I become immature because I decided to break him up for some childish reason. Whenever he did not show up, that will be the sign to break him up even I did not tell the time of my arrival.

          It is right after 2 hours journey; I reached the place where he always waited for me. I decided not to walk but my feet told me so. I was holding something in my left and I was holding the bag strap at the right. I saw his sign, his sweat-coated hair, his big face shape and the way he was always seated when waiting. But at the other side of my mind, it is not him for he was not looking for anyone and just like seated there and looks like just having a conversation with someone. I continued walking and as I reached the store in almost front of the place where the guy was seated, I erased the delusion that I saw his visage because I'm only missing him. I stopped and look for foods to buy but I was shocked when someone held my things and my face.

“ang taba mo, di kita nakilala”

That simple mood became hard and blissful. We walked home and that was 9:15 when we reached home and both decided to talk. Minutes after minutes, no one was opening the conversation except when I bowed my head on his shoulder.

“ang busy mo na, wala ka na sa aking time”

Those words make my night burning. I did not talked for I was thrilled to death. He hugged me and he continue talking

“nagtatampo na nga ako sayo ee”

I just walloped my face to his and he closed his eyes

“I love you so much”

I can no longer talk because my body was frozen. I held his hand and hugged him very tight. He, then, moved his lips to reach mine but he failed. Only our lip sides collide and it was not removed by minutes. That time the “kilig factor”, I said before that already passed, had came back. I was chilled to the bones and I almost forgot that we were on public place for we were at my house and my siblings were there watching us.

There are times that I become irritated to him because of his immature reasons why we should see each other even though I have many work to do, but this time I already understand him. He only wishes for time that is not too much. I was flattered because there’s still a person who wishes to be with me despite of my insensitive attitude.