Concert ng Bayan

This is the ticket brought to us by luck. Thanks ruby anyway

I was really amaze, I took many pictures of this ticket

This is one of the prove

a friend who is very lucky at free tickets concert. HURAY Ruby Khaye

Thumbs up!

Just ignore this one :D

this time was when the class was in discussion but look at me, 
happy at my free ticket

pictures taken from the entrance of Concert ng Bayan.
 You should have watched this guys!

this one means ROCK!!!

too far from the band, we find it hard to took pictures

The red one is called "COKE" :D

These are the GUYS who made my night :)

we have different genre and music but 
PAROKYA NI EDGAR bind us as one

we supposedly not taking pictures because the crowd 
was slumming together but we can't help it :D

Ash was with eager face

this is when the Rockista, Poplista and KPOP addict combine for one goal .. 

we are so ATIG!!

this is what we call "REMEMBRANCE"

we are haggard and starving yet we still smile on the camera


this is blurred but i posted it because my face 
looks so different to this one

I smacked the head of the guy in front of us
so he offered a free picture taking :DD

"kiss me!"

we never set off the date without having pictures together 

we only afford coca-cola glass :D

this is our souvenir but we decided to left it

Alex means delicious :D

we don't like cameras

this is what the concert made to my eyes

I am so beautiful (confident :D)

never mind this

after drinking a lot of coca-cola drink,
Ashley end up like this

it actually her who I'm taking picture

Alex was contented with the 1.5L coca-cola
she only drink it for 1minute
look what the coke did to her

Ashley, new commercial model of coca-cola
theme: "I WANT MORE!!!"