I was the last but you’re my first love
I can bee seen in the word ‘supreme’
I’m the last in every word have
I’m the latter of English extreme

3 x 5, it’s very easy
But the product will divided by no number
The letter cannot be seen in the name of “Mie”
It’s a circle, you must think better

The next was I’m the better one
Coz my turn comes before the second pattern
Let’s reverse the alphabet just to have fun
I always place on the 13th letter

Next was not a letter, nor a decimal
But a word use to make 2 as single
The word has a letters like an animal
See? Its easy, the N is the middle

Next is the letter who I love the most
Who I cry at night, in the morning I smile
Who find a light when I am lost
His name is a letter, just for a while

Wake, lake, sake, make
Where these words come through?
This is the easiest part in the game
The letter in first was not the same
But the 3 next ending are alike
I’m sure you find it, you’re a devil bright J