The Worst and Best Magazine

Worst one: no one should read this!

           I was looking for old magazines in internet to have an idea of my magazine to be published next month. And during the process, here’s the magazine that really caught my attention.

           I really not that better in making and criticizing a best cover, but somehow, I do have taste in analyzing such covers. This one strikes me. The cover is a woman holding her finest dog. It is not that bad because readers who may leave the first impression will not that sensitive. The color is not that good. The cover cannot draw attention to the readers. The texts are not well-known and it is not well-lay-out. If we examine the whole story of this cover page, the story is not just about cooking her dog, but also her family which came from, I think a wrong grammar. According to commentator posted in the bottom of the cover page, which is posted in internet, the commentator is making fun of Rachael Ray for she finds inspiration in COOKING HER FAMILY AND HER DOG. He also degrades the writer who wrote the article because choosing this kind of topic did not fit the magazine audiences.

Best fashion statement
Great model
Best cover
Actually, she fits it all!

           I was in love with fashion when I scanned this magazine. This cover was in top 10 of the best cover of magazine, which will appear when you search it, of I think year 2008. Covers from one to top nine, frankly speaking, did not convince me except this top 10 cover of fashion magazine. Let first examine the cover itself. The color is not that colorful but it gives boost to the topic that the magazine is portraying. They made it black and white to give emphasis to us readers on how the story will go along. The model is really good that fit the cover. And apart from the physical appearance of the cover, the story makes some twist in the story. This woman, who is Sonam Kapoor, is known for her impeccable fashion sense for she was known for really great fashion statement but this year, she made a difference by covering a black and white magazine which portrays a very classic fashion angle. I so love this because this cover really inspires me, maybe in some phrases but it really inspires me in making a kind of cover.