what’s the best gift in my twelve monthsaries


   When it comes to monthsaries, boys are the one who will most prepared things especially when it is the first month of being in relationship. Boys can list twelve (12) months gift for their girlfriends to prove how much they love their girls.

    First monthsary maybe a date at some romantic places like Trinoma at Quezon City. The place is enough to experience by lovers the thrilling and romanticgardenofTrinoma, or theSkyGardenat SM North. The date may be starts at noon time wherein you can enjoy the scene of the place.
The place also suggests a great time to experience movie. You can watch the upcoming romantic or love movies and do not forget the popcorn. When the night bite, place at the middle mist part ofTrinomaGardenare suitable for both of you because this is the place where you can talk about your relationship or something funny. Just enjoy the place and each other’s company. Do not forget to get permission to your girl’s guardian if you will be home late.

   Second monthsary maybe not that experienced. Boys can buy flowers for their girls and simple message or if you have a lot of budget, you can buy some goodies like cakes and cookies. Do not forget your girlfriend’s family.

   At third monthsary, you can give her chocolates. You can add more spices by simply buying square chocolates like Toblerone wherein you can put secret letter inside. When she will open the chocolate, she will be surprise at the message to part.

   At fourth monthsary, you can treat her outside. You will invite her to the nearest mall, like SM Fairview of any mall that supplies big excitement but low in transportation expenses. You can but token and tickets for rides and treat her to playing shops like Tom’s World. At the end of the day, it will be special if you will not forget to greet her “Happy Monthsary”.

  You can do things that she’ll never expect in your fifth monthsary like cooking. Invite her to your house and cook her favorite food or bake some cookies. Just don’t forget to put love notes on cookies like ‘I LoveYou’. You can tell your family that the setting will be in the house before breaking dawn. Make sure tha you are guided by your parents when you are alone. You can also write a letter in this fifth month of your relationship.

   As the months goes by, it is much better that you think of more effort things to be the gift. You can write a song or produce a poem in your sixth monthsary. Don’t forget to recite it or sing it in front of her. Try use lovers words and deep idiomatic phrases and sentences to add more ‘kilig’ factor.

   At your seventh monthsary, you can have spiritual day together. You can read her a verse or invite to read the words of God. Just be reminded that you will respect the religion of your girlfriend. You can praise together or recreate together. One of suggested place is in Soul Shop at CrossRoad,Quezon City, here you can have lunch and pray together.

   If you’re running out of budget, you can have dinner date at her house in the eight monthsary. Start keeping money for the twelve monthsary and tell her that it is more romantic if you will have dinner date at the rooftop. Just make sure that the moon is settled up that time and there will be no storm so you can watch the stars.

  The ninth monthsary can be a simple and common habit. It may be a bike-riding day. Look for a place where you can ride a bike safely. Just take note, don’t forget the place should be peaceful. You can ride bike together to start deeper sense of your relationship.

  The tenth monthsary is much more special because you reach almost 300 days of being together. You can give her a love letter and photo album of your pictures together. You can write some story in each pictures, or message to her, or you can make a comic strips where in the pictures will be the drawing and all you have to do is think of creative story.

  The suggested gift for eleventh monthsary is just do nothing. You can go to her house and talk like an ordinary day. By this, you will draw to her mind. Tell her that you don’t have money for today’s date and instead of going to malls, you will just give her a letter. Be prepared for your first anniversary.

   First anniversary or the twelve monthsary is the most special month ofyour relationship because in this day, you will no longer count the months but the years that will pass in both of you. So you must prepare a big date, bigger than the first monthsary. You can bring her toStarCityand spend the whole day there. Or you can give her a life-size bear she can hug and kiss all nights. But if you don’t have too much budget, you can give her a living thing gift like puppy or rose. Write a note and tell her that the puppy will like be your living love for her and she must take care of it to prove how much she is caring about your love for her.


   Girls have no responsibility when it comes to gift giving during monthsaries but not prohibited. Suggested gift that girls can give to his boyfriend is simple but with touch of creativity, twelve letters for twelve monthsaries.

  At your first monthsary, try to keep it formal but simple. You can give your boyfriend a love letter that is personalized. Try to look at pictures in internets to have an idea of the background. Try to make it appealing and simple, because the simple the message is, the more romantic it will be. Write your simple message and splash some cologne on the paper and put it in semi-light colored envelop.

  Second up to the eleventh monthsary is not that special, but try to put some mixes of pepper to add spice. You can give him a comic strips or your love story, or personalized things like bracelet, necklace, and shirts but make sure it is in couple design, or bake in the oven like cakes and cookies. Think of a very special gift that even though came from piece of junk will become exotic and priceless.

    But girls, be prepare for your first anniversary or the twelve monthsary. In these dates, boys are too busy to think of what their gift should be. Take this chance to prepare a really memorable gift. Get a sketch pad that depend on you what should be the size. Make a scrap thing out of junk like fallen leaves, or used buttons or beads. Print a picture of you since you are friends up to the last picture you’ve taken. Try to make stories out of these pictures and put some captions to add more details. You can design the scrapbook by putting some quotations beside or putting colorful papers on it. At the first page, put your pictures separated to tell how you met and know each other. Then the next pages will be up to you on how you organize the pictures. Your boyfriend will not just surprise because you keep all of these pictures but will also laugh and touch in the story behind the book. Boys are not that showy but surely they will appreciate this gift.

   Boys are not that determine when it comes to gifts. Give them simple yet creative stuffs that will lead them on smiling but the more the effort, the more you can show your love to your love ones.