VMOBILE agent: next top Millionaires of the country

Why is it that LOADING BUSINESS is GOOD?
Almost all people nowadays have cellphones and what do they have in common? LOADS!!! So it means that they are our target market.
Don’t you know that loads are easier to spend on unlike other items?
No need to sales talk, demo, testimony or explain things, when you say LOAD!!! Everyone knows it.
You can bring it anytime, anywhere to any place like office,school, house, store, etc. and for sure you can save more from it.
5. LOADS!!! are peoples Necessity
Cause all kinds of prepaid product that you can think, Now you can sell it like:
a) Prepaid cellphone load (Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, Red)
b) Prepaid internet load (Blast, ISP Bonanza, etc.)
c) Prepaid landline load (Bayantel, Globelines, PLDT, etc.)
d) Prepaid broadband load (Smart Bro)
e) Online games (Amped Games, Garena, Level Up Games, Mobius Online, etc.)
f) Prepaid satellite/cable TV (ABS-CBN TFC, Dream Satellite, Sky Cable)
g) Prepaid tutorial/review cards (Carl Balita, Englishlink, Prime Logic, etc.)
h) Cakes and Flowers thru LBC
More than 300 products and still counting!!!
2. No need for physical inventory cause VMobile has a system that helps you do automatic
inventory online so this website list all your transactions
3. Very Small Capital to start and Fast R.O.I.
4. We are very much willing to assist you within our capacity in this loading business
5. Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your current job.
6. We have our own Data Center– this means that we are capable of making transactions
faster and more efficient.
7. With your Existing Sim, you can start right away for all your prepaid needs.
8. Earn up to 12% discount on load if your a Retailer
9. Earn up to 14% discount on load if you are Dealer
10. And an opportunity that only VMOBILE can offer: AXS Card – no hassle
on riding the MRT!!