Panes Exotic Specialty

           Us, Filipinos, really love cooking! And to be a real cook, you should also have the talent on tasting. Let me tell you the specialty of my family. We’ve been cooking this recipe for many years. Most of our family members are not spicy-eaters but this one really made a difference.

           Lumpiang Sili was originated by our forefathers from Novaliches. They were the best when it comes to cooking spices and making exotic meal like preserve food, also known as ‘buro’, and dried foods. If you are a pepper-lover, Lumpiang Sili may give you a very hot and thrilling experience. But if you are not, try this for a change.

  As part of its name, your main ingredient is green bell pepper or any alike chili vegetables, and it requires a really large number. Cut bell pepper in its middle part from upfront side to its bottom without breaking it into two. Clean all parts of it by removing seeds and fibers inside. Steam it on direct fire for at maximum two minutes.
           In a bowl, combine your grind pork, small cubed potatoes and carrots together. Potatoes, pork and carrots have no definite amount. Place it in bowl, just make sure that the texture is like meat of Lumpiang Shanghai. Mix pepper, salt and other preservatives that may add more taste volume on your mixture. Mix them prepare-fully and if you like to add more spices, you can put some chili powder on it.

           Put your mixture inside bell pepper you’ve worked out before. Estimate the right amount prefer for the size of green bell pepper. To make sure that your Lumpiang Sili will not come out of its cover, put small squared-cut wrapper in chest part of bell pepper covering the meat.

Cooking process
           In a pan, heat the oil in long period of time. Make sure that the pan reaches 100% heating point before lowering the heat. Place the Lumpiang Sili in the pan wherein wrapper is facing the heated oil. By this process, the meat inside will be first cooked before the green bell pepper burn. Due to different sizes of green bell pepper, we cannot estimate the right time for each Lumpiang Sili. Try to look at the bell pepper if it is already cook. When the bell pepper looks like paper thin and almost transparent, you can remove it on fire. Serve it with love.

Tasting experience
           Cook it now and you’ll know the Chili Hot taste from inside. But its really not that hot, because the meat inside will contradict the taste of bell pepper and when it collide your tongue, that was the time you will taste the goodness of mixture inside.