Better places in QCMC

Looking for good places this New Year?
Or better stay at home?
Low budget on this year?
Want to go to province – like place?

To promote the hidden beauty of Quezon City, Its administration lowers their ground floor for the beautification of new Quezon City. One of its renovation scenes is the Quezon City Memorial Circle where they made it a big enchanted place for everyone.

QCMC as Children and family Recreational place

Want to tour your children? QMMC has now playing grounds for your kids. And when it comes to safety of the family, no need to worry because play grounds are made even safe than before.

If your kids look for food, QCMC has also a food zone where you can buy good food like rice meals, fruit juices and snacks. But if your budget is too high for food expenses, there are also restaurants inside the park. You’re not just see the beauty scenes of dancing flowers, but also the laughs of children playing around.

QCMC for newly weds
If the dream of you to go to great places with someone you also dreamt of, QCMC offers a great places for newly weds, the Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Resources, brings you their biggest adventures.

This park is not for children only, it is best for newly weds because they can enjoy sharing moment together by watching the beauty of the Philippine animals.
There’s also a lovers bridge perfect for you where you can see the hale of the water lilies and fishes, and where you can bond better than before.
Wildlife also offers venue for celebration of any occasion where your family and loved ones can enjoy sitting under the trees.

QCMC rocks!!
Want reunions or gigs with friends? There are available bar and restaurants around QCMC good for celebration of New Year. These bar expresses high quality performances for their visitors. It is also good for lovers and kids. Beer is not the primary content of bars but to entertain you.

After untwined night on the bar and resto, you and your friends can spend sleepy night in the nearest hotel. They offered a very conditioned and perfected room for everybody. They have very clean facilities and all around air conditioned rooms where you can enjoy the whole night. If the day of happiness pass and only hangovers left behind, QCMC is the solution for boredom.

School trips and educational tour
QCMC is almost complete in giving you their history. Memorial Circle is made not for simple entertainment only; they also have shared their history.
As you walk to the aisle of one of the two underpasses worked on with Mayor “Bistek” Bautista, you can have the overview of their history. Quezon City’s late improvement and old government was listed behind and you cannot miss any of the things you want to learn. But if you’re not satisfied, you can visit the Quezon City Tower inside QCMC. It is said to be greatest attraction of Memorial Circle. As you entered, you will see the pictures of past administration of Q.C. at lower case is the history of the Philippines which involves Manuel Quezon. You can also see the actual things used by ‘Katipuneras’ and ‘katipuneros’ and things used by Quezon before. Things that can be seen inside the tower are plates and porcelains use by Quezon family, his hospital beds, the flags used before, luxury urn and other luxury items owned by Quezon.

At the end of the tour, the must-awaited and must-seen things is also located here, the actual tomb of Manuel L. Quezon which is located in pentagon-place. If you look up, you will see the open-space of almost 20floors cultivated by sunlight (It makes looks like the tomb is shinning), where 3 angels are guarding.
It is not the end of the adventure because inside QCMC is almost perfect in giving you the best adventures.

Other facilities and places
Around QCMC lies other government facilities like the building of Department of Agrarian, Bureau of Internal Revenue, courts and law offices, Heart Center, East Avenue Medical Center, Lung Center, Children’s Medical Center and many more.
It is the best place to visit before or even after New Year celebration. So if you’re sick of staying home during new years, visit Quezon City Memorial Circle and other good places here in Metro Manila. You did not just enjoy the rural-like cities, but you also see the National Capital Region beauty.