Latest Gigs this January 2012

            I know that you really suffered a thrilling life during 2011 because of the issue faced by the country. The Arroyo’s scandal, the continuous gear-up of Malacanang and Supreme Court, different calamities faced by our countrymen and the very silent 2011. If you are tired in listening nothing, try these latest gigs of 2012 that can really move your body and rock your new whole year.
            What are the trends today when it comes to place you can visit for this year? The answer is not out of town or very far from Metro Manila. Just almost one to two hours travel from your home is the place I am pertaining to. Drive safely to Araneta Coliseum and you will see the place I am talking about. Araneta Coliseum at Cubao, Quezon City is the place-to-be!
            Before the year 2011 ends, the band Simple Plan and their whole production was scheduled a night of gig to the Philippines for 2012. it is not their first time, but I think the team enjoyed being with us who are really a fan of great rock musics. They will rock the country on January 12, 2012. The General Admission is quiet high but if you really are a fan, no high GA can stop you from rocking!
            Songs of Simple Plan is very popular in our country today. People who do not know their songs Untitled, Perfect, and Welcome to my life are really sick. It is most sing to videokes and often plays at home. Some of our new local bands are replicating the way of their music. So before the ticket sold out, be sure that you already have one.
            Another fantastic singer or A.K.A. the rock princess will jam the Philippines. It is no other than, the almost-new-mother-and-wife-but-still-sexy Avril Lavigne on her second tour to the country. She is known for her songs Complicated, I’m with you, When you’re gone and so many more. She’s not a band but a single that surely we can enjoy listening with. Her voice is very all-over-cover-up-punk-pop rocking princess and all the boys should dying for. She will rock the country on February of 2012.
            And if you’re not tired of listening to Avril on February 16, you can also join the Evanescence gig night. I am not an evanescence die-hard fan but I really like to sacrifice my whole allowance just to have one ticket. Their very popular song Bring me to life rocks my ears every time I hear them. Let’s add the songs, Going Under, Lithium, and Call me when you’re sober to add more spices. The vocalist, Emy Lee, voice is very glass-breaking that can make you stand in your seat and jump to the floor. Don’t just be contented because the more you hear them, the more you wanting for more. Don’t forget them on February 18 to the place-to-be and don’t forget to bring friends.
            But if you are a 100% certified Filipino and love local band 100%, don’t be sad because not just the foreigners band have a concert, ours also have their own contra-battles. Let’s meet at MusicLaban on January 22, 2012. it is sponsored by Red Horse Company and while you are head banging, drink the beer that can also bang your head out, but drink moderately.
            Most of the bands in MusicLaban are Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikaze, Wolfgang and manymore. Your small entrance fee will suppress the almost 20 bands to be rocking. So don’t just seat there and hear their music on your MP3s, buy tickets now!
            Before we end the trending gigs of the country on 2012, don’t forget the very trending girl of today, no other than Anne Curtis who will have her first concert on January 26 at Araneta Coliseum. Don’t laugh because Anne is really a great dramatic singer. She will show all of her talents on the date-to-be and don’t you know that her pretty face will make you contented? Guys, let’s don’t just read, go to their websites now and know more about them. We never know but you can meet them personally and maybe have your own personal autographs. See you at some gigs and surely you will see me there guys!