Happy Anniversary to my mom and my dad

krrrrrrriiiinnnnggg ...

my father's phone alarmed.

"pa, nag-aalarm cellphone nyo"

"ano bang petsa ngayon? ahh DEC. 2"

then he said ..

"tingnan mo nga kung ano nakalagay.."


Elaena, my sister, was just beside him when she said ..

"naks, naalala"

That was extraordinary, at exactly 12:00 am of December 2, my father's phone alarmed for "WEDDING ANNIVERSARY".. at least he remembered.

    It's September of this year when my parents decided to live separately but instead of breaking their family's heart, they managed to live in same house but with no connection at all. No text message, no phone calls, no problem-solving or discussing family matters.

He or she only texted him or her when the bill was on the due or we, their children, needed cash for school project. On this day, we don't know how to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

    Every Dec 2, its been our tradition to give them a surprise greeting banners or a homemade card. My mother will prepare food even though we we are broke, and she will invite all of our relatives. Different greeting in text is also one of the surprises every year.

I can't imagine that my sister and I are planning how to celebrate it even my parents were separated for months,do we need to greet them? or give them some cards? I really don't know but at least, this time, my father remembered one of the important day of their and our lives.