For the very important being in my life

He really got all my ideal man’s character. He clean my house. He can cook. He can give almost all of my basic needs. He maybe a real tall man, or maybe a small one. I don’t know if his brown or white but only one thing I assure, his appearance is as good as his character.

            When it comes to date, I often come late and he never did. He is giving me all the time I need to prepare and even its late, he is willing to wait. He never dictates my decision but he was there to support and guide me. When I have problems, he never failed to give helpful advices. He was really awesome for he did not fail me.

            There comes a time that my passion and affection for him was decreased and I know that he was really hurt. I get lost and I almost give him up. He was just watching when I walked away and embarrassed him. I drunk whole day and go home late. He was there to wash me up and change my fully drown clothes. I did an affair with others and I never obey his commandments when it comes in being in relationship and I have now is a big failure. I did many bad things that really hurt him much but still, he just wait for me until I realize all what I’ve done. That time, I come back crying and waiting for his forgiveness. I ready myself for his words that would hurt me but instead, he just touches my head and kisses me romantically. He said I was bad and become separated from him. He also said that he was just waiting for the right time until I come back to him. That time, I was crying hard for he accepts me again without hesitation.

             But another test strikes us both. I fell in love. I fell in love with the other guy but he was still there. He was giving me advice even thought I know it hurts him so much. He advises that I should not give my all to that common boy I loved. I went to other man’s arms and do all the affection I can give. He was just watching me. I, once again, become separated from him and I do some bad stuff because of the man I love. He just told me that I’m free to do what I want but I should obey his commandments, but I never did.

            This one is the saddest part of my story and to the very important being in my life. He called me one night and told me either I choose him or not. It’s really hard on my part to answer him because I know to myself that I already made a choice. I just bow my head and sob. He again touches my head and said “I’m still willing to wait”. It really hurts me so much for I know that even how many times I rejected him, he was willing to wait even forever. I know that he was just there when I need him again and I am bad for thinking about replacements. That he was just replacement for all my heart broken. I love him but I can’t even choose. But despite all what happened I still believe that this is just a test for us and he has the better plans.