Doing the Best Debut Party

It is 2010 when I turn 18. My family prepared foods for few friends and relatives and wine to shots and sheers with my special someone and love ones. But before this August 2010 comes, I think it is almost five months when I listed names for my dream debut party.

Program proper
 First in the list are the 18 roses. Most of us are dreaming of the best debut party because they want to experience this thrilling-night-with-my-crushes celebration. I listed most of my boy friends and close friends. My first dance will be my dad who will lead me to the dance floor and dance gracefully with the tune of our rock-love music sung by My Chemical Romance. The next dances are maybe from cousins or uncles and relatives where we will dance in the song of popular love singers. The middle 18 rose’s part will be with my boy friends who took one of the best parts of my life and we will dance in the music of our favorite songs before. I will never forget the song Hand Down by Dashboard Confessional. The 17th dance will be from my super crush or special friend in the theme of my favorite band My Chemical Romance. And the 18th rose will be with my special someone or boyfriend in the tuned of our theme song Smother Me by The Used. All my dances will be listed with the songs beside their names and I will took only the chorus or most romantic part of the song.

    The next will be my girl friends who are listed in 18 candles. They are maybe old friends or classmates. My first candle is dedication with my mom who will give me the first guide in my 18th years of life. The next 16 candles are dedicated to those friends who are really close to me and know my deepest secrets. The last candle is dedicated to my best friend who will give her deepest message that can touch my life forever. The 18th candle will not only gibe ‘what I am’ but ‘what they want me to be’ and they will start it with a quotation. All names in my 18 candles will be popular by a host and he/she will introduce her according to how deep our friendship is.
     Then, to give more excitement to my visitors, I will change clothes. There will be a special or intermission number that is capable of giving high performance level and stop the boredom that the audiences are feeling.

     Then, I will show up in my second beautiful gown. There will be a simple dance in the floor where there will be quotation and dancers are well-practice.
I will be add 18 albums/CD on my program wherein I will list my rich relatives and friends to give their best album for me. It may be a rock band album or a movie which they will say what is the connection of the CD in my life.

    After 18 albums, visitors are asked to align in straight and serve their own food and eat dinner. While eating dinner, I will start the 18 symbolic gifts. These gifts are meaningful where it can take part on my next years. Most of the people listed here are my godmother and father, some relatives and very close friends who will send me a gift that are really meaningful regardless of their prices.

    Then, my favorite rock band will play their best song which is dedicated to me. They will sung two songs where in the last will be my time to speak in front and thank of the guest and people help me fulfilled my dream debut party.

The souvenir
     My souvenir will be quite simple. I will be the one who will prepare them. From colored woods, I will cut a guitar-like shape and its strings are in different colors. I will put a guitar stand and place my picture and the words ‘thank you for sharing these special moments with me at the front of the stand. At the backside of the wooden guitar will be my name in design. I will cover it with plastic and put netted colored mats ribbon in the top.
I will produce 75 pieces of souvenirs for my visitors and sure to give all of them the souvenir to let them remember my party even many years will pass.

The gown
     My gown will be my favorite color black or yellow, but black is much better. The gown will be tube with heart shape cut in the upper breast part that is embroided by popular designer. It is a long gown that is aired in bottom part with touch of white tops and nets. I will wear necklace. Earrings and bracelets that are in opposite color, silver, and have big white stone in the middle.
My second gown will be color gray with touch of white and black tops and nets to add more meaning. It will be under-the-knee size and cocktail gown. It will be tube where in there is a lot of details in top and I will wear long gloves. My hair style will be in simple curled. My make up will be in ‘rock-on’ style that will suit the shape and tone of my face.

The venue and food
     The venue will be at somewhere wherein ther’s a fountain and creative lightning around. I will use long round tables and a few chairs. The teen visitors will stand and lined in their tables. The dubutant will be placed in front with slight stage. There will be lot of aroming lights around and that wull suit the place and my party. There will be also small lake and bridge in the side where in once the names of visitors are called, they will cross the bridge with great designs all over. The theme will be color white like a wedding ceremony, but with touch of black, gray and pink to add more romance.

    The food will be our favorite dishes like adobo, menudo, as main dish, tuna ala king and salad as desserts, ice tea as the drink and cookies. The catering will be located at the back part.
As my opening walk, they will darken the bridge side and once called my name, they will put some spot light and there, they will see me in my beautiful gown.
After the party, the venue will let some of the visitors spend night to dance and drink together. They will reserve rooms for boys and girls wherein they can spend the night. It will be a hotel-like venue where boys and girls are sleeping separately.
    We have our own dream debut party but what the best party is regardless of the gown, program, venue or food because ‘expensive’ is never the description of the best. What’s important is, you spend the best year or day of your life with your family, friends and love ones.